The Ultimate
Municipal Customer
Service Experience
311AI makes it easy for your residents to:

Process service requests and payments instantly

Query all public municipal data and other information

Receive important alerts and notifications

And much more!

Benefits Of An AI-powered Conversational Interface
You can think of 311AI as the ultimate customer service representative, immediately available 24/7, and with full and perfect information across all relevant domains.
Familiar and intuitive
Flexible and adaptive
Regularly improving
Dramatically reduce call volume
Service Request
Curbside Collection
Knowledge Base

Municipal Services


The Admin dashboard allows administrators to determine the default prompts that would appear on the app home screen when it’s first opened by users. For example, these can be prompts that administrators believe are most commonly used by residents, to reduce the learning curve required to engage with the app.

Do More With An AI-powered Mobile Application
πŸš— Report an abandoned vehicle
🚧 Report a building code violation
🎨 Report graffiti
πŸ”₯ Report illegal burning
πŸ’‘ Report a non-working streetlamp
πŸ“… Lookup municipal recreation programs
πŸ—£οΈ Report a noise complaint
πŸ€ Report a rat infestation
🚴 Report a stolen bike
🧾 Pay your municipal taxes
🏑 Lookup community center hours of operation
Over 100+ available services to integrate
Most municipalities don't provide any 311 service at all. Of those that do, most rely on a call centre-based system. A few have introduced mobile apps. We're taking those a giant step forward.
First Generation
Call Centre
Second Generation
Mobile Application
Third Generation
Smart (AI) Live Agent
It’s Time To Upgrade Your Customer Experience
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